I Stopped Drinking For 5 Months and This Is What Happened

Pretty much what you’d expect: I saved a bunch of money.

That title was amusing to me though.

I love a dumb headline.

I just realized that I haven’t posted in something like 8 months.

So, yeah… In a week, it’ll be 5 months since I’ve had a drink.

I’m sure it’s possible that I could have lost a bunch of weight, and my skin could have cleared up, and everything was just sunshine and rainbows and everyone got the socialist utopia they were dreaming about…

But that didn’t happen. You know what happens when you stop drinking?

You get massive sugar cravings.

So this has basically been my last 5 months:


That’s… about it.

Work, homework, and candy.

I hope to get back to writing soon, maybe about things everyone cares about… like information literacy! That’ll make me so popular on the internet. I can see it now.