Trips to Maine

Y’all, I’m wicked busy lately.

On top of working full-time, some of which includes travel, I’m about halfway through my second term in grad school. Unlike last term, I haven’t broken my foot and been demanded not to walk around (there’s still time, though, I guess, but I don’t hope). So, I’m juggling work, school, and, y’know, living a life with my boyfriend and friends and plenty of donuts.

I’ve been to Maine twice in the last two weeks or so… I may have lost track of time awhile ago. What even is time, really, other than something I don’t have a lot of…

Wait, what was I talking about?


I went to Maine with my lovely lady friends: Elyse, Gabbi, and Nikki. Nikki fed us marvelous foods, Gabbi serenaded us on the piano, and Elyse provided complicated wine bottles for everyone to drink from (and wonderful commentary like only Elyse can provide). We took walks, we played games, we drank tea and ate warm oatmeal cookies.

Maine with these girls is truly a magical experience.

Outside of eating, we went on to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, which provided an excellent amount of exercise and some great photo opportunities. I’m not always glad I bring my camera along, but this weekend was an exception. I got so much use out of it.

After that weekend, I got to travel up to Waterville for a work event. Instead of rushing home on Thursday I opted to take the day off and take my sweet time getting home.

I stopped in Freeport, which is like a town shaped shopping mall (both wonderful and overwhelming), and Portland. I drank my weight in coffee on Thursday.

There’s some pretty inconsistent editing on these photos which, at one time, would have made me feel bad. Now, to borrow from Lewis Black, “I don’t give a shit” now.